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Total Password Benefits

  • Complex password generator
  • Automatic sync to all devices
  • Save unlimited passwords
  • Secure credit card storage
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Highlight vulnerable accounts
  • Two factor authentication
  • Autofill and autosave
  • Password breach monitoring
  • Login with biometrics
  • No more forgotten passwords
  • Available on desktop, IOS & Android
  • Zero-knowledge architecture
  • 30-day-money-back-guarantee
  • 24/7 support

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We Take Your Online Security Seriously

Device Sync

Access your online accounts on the move, with automatic sync across all your devices.

Breach Alerts

Stay on top of any data breaches which could expose your private data such as account passwords.

Remote Logout

Remotely sign out and delete any browsing history from any device you have Total Password on.

Generate Unique Passwords

Generate unique, secure and strong passwords to eliminate the chances of identity theft.

Store Credit Cards

Keep your bank card numbers safely in Total Password for quick online checkout.

Auto Filling

Let us automatically fill you usernames and passwords speeding up your login.

Security Enhancements

Online Protection doesn't just end with a Password Manager, at Total Password we have a wide range of features available for you to use.

Award-Winning Antivirus, trusted by millions of users for advanced, dynamic, around-the-clock protection.
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