Discount Added For First Year
Discount Added For First Year

Protect All Your Passwords
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Total Password Pro 2024

Never forget a Password again

Secure & Complex identity protection

Automatically syncs across all your devices

Top-of-the-line encryption to keep your data safe

$1.99 /month
Save 80% first year
Subscription auto renews at $119 /year

Money Back Guarantee

Protect Your Passwords

Generate Unique Passwords
Generate secure and complex passwords to improve the security of all your online accounts.
Multi-Device Support
Easily access your passwords on any device and speed up login times with auto-fill.
Advanced Encryption Tech
Ensure the safety of your personal data with Total Passwords top-of-the-line security encryption.
Data Breach Alerts
Automatically run scans to check if any if your passwords have been in a recent data breach.

Get 80% Off Our Secure Password Manager

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What is a Password Manager?

A digital vault that securely encrypts and stores your login and credit card details, generates complex passwords and autofills these onto all of your devices for you.

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Why do I need a Password Manager?

A password manager is a great way to protect your online accounts and identity. It keeps your data encrypted, allows for speedy logins and lets you focus on the important things.

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Total Password Is a Leading Password Manager, That Includes a Variety of Benefits

Random Password Generator

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Speedy Auto-Fill Your Logins

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Sync On All Your Devices

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Online Threat Protection

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Password Breach Alerts

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Secure Credit Card Storage

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Top-Of-The-Line Encryption

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Included For Free

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Included For Free

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Included For Free

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$1.99 /month

Security Enhancements

Online Protection doesn't just end with a Password Manager, at Total Password we have a wide range of features available for you to use.

Award-Winning Antivirus, trusted by millions of users for advanced, dynamic, around-the-clock protection.
Total Adblock
Say goodbye to those pesky adverts that invade your screen and diminish your browsing experience.
Total WebShield
WebShield works without rest to safeguard against all manner of cyber threats.
Safe Browsing (VPN)
Encrypt your browsing data, become anonymous and impossible to track or hack.

Award-Winning Antivirus Protection, Trusted by Over 3 Million People Worldwide

Award-Winning Antivirus
Total Password antivirus comparatives award
3* Malware Protection
March 2022
Total Password antivirus top product award
Top Product
April 2022
Total Password antivirus virus bulletin award
June 2022
App Esteem Logo
Deceptor Fighter
January 2022
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Faster Browsing Without Ads, with Total Adblock

Block Unlimited Ads
Eliminate those irritating ads, pop-ups and notifications that clog the screen on your favourite websites.
Block In-Play Video Ads
Interrupted, ad-heavy videos are now a nuisance of the past, courtesy of our no-nonsense Total AdBlock tool.

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